The Lookcast customer engagement platform allows brands to create and publish
shopping experience tailored for each channel.
It’s the key for brands aiming to improve their customers’ engagement and retention.


Create your catalog:
upload and customize your content, import or create products.


Sell more by narrating your brand and products using images and videos, add hotspots and compose your digital story.


On-line and off-line fidelity:
keep the content unaltered from print to the web.


Engage with all audiences:
offer them an omni-channel shopping experience.

Sell more with shoppable content.


Using LOOKCAST is simple and straightforward: create quickly compelling shopping experiences for your customers and they will be more involved and willing to buy. Through the hotspots placed on the media, your content is just a click away, to engage your audience however you want, without compromising the brand image.


The LOOKCAST Enterprise solution integrates easily with company’s systems, from eCommerce platforms to analytics services, and can be customized to meet the most complex needs.

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For Brands not requiring an integrated nor customized tool LOOKCAST provides a stand-alone platform which still offers all the unique features that make our application useful and unique.

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Many Features in a single platform.


Create and publish catalogs with LOOKCAST using a single platform for any channel, covering from professional printing to the web, maintaining the required content fidelity.

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All the features you needed.


Interactive Hotspots
Your customers can discover and purchase your products with just one click.

Make not just image but also shoppable videos.

Track and analyze your customers’ journey.

Just one click to publish new contents in real time.

User friendly
A quick and intuitive platform: IT skills are not required.

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